Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What I'm working on right now..

I'm editing the whole and rewriting the ending of Watching Petals Fall, and giving a lot more thought this time as to what would make it more helpful for other bereaved parents.

I'm ten years into this journey and don't claim to have a map - all our experiences are different and as this blog illustrates, I haven't exactly stayed on the rails all the way. I guess all I can do is show how it's been for me and my family and talk about what's helped or hindered us. There is no recovery - we can't go back to where we were before - but there is acceptance and assimilation, which with work and determination can enrich the present. I suppose that's what I'm trying to say in telling our story.


  1. I've never been able to read it yet Geves - not the part where she was sick :( Yet you have helped me a great deal xx

  2. I'm really glad, Susan, and ditto. I hope you'll be able to read it one day but if you decide to, let me send you this version. xx